Dr. Ozcan’s research is motivated by the quest to define, develop, and refine theoretical concepts and practical implications of the emergent socioeconomic paradigm of value co-creation. Networked individuals around the globe expect to be active participants and collaborators in the value creation process, as co-creators of value, sharing their experiences of using products and services, helping design the value of the products and services they use, and having ongoing conversation with the companies they do business with and with each other. A paradigmatic shift in value creation, away from a firm-centric, utilitarian view of unilateral value creation to a co- creation paradigm of value creation implies: (i) interactions as the locus of value creation; (ii) an individual-centric, stakeholder experience based view of joint value creation opportunities; (iii) innovating and designing engagement platforms as the means of connecting joint value creation opportunities with resources; (iv) entrepreneurial harnessing of open and social resources of individuals and their skill base on the one hand, and networks of multiple private, public, and social sector enterprises on the other; and (v) building ecosystems of capabilities based on social, business, civic, and natural communities; and enhancing wealth-welfare-wellbeing. This framework expounds a fundamental expansion in the nature and means of value creation, which entails shifts in both the opportunity space and the resource space of value creation, and how enterprises connect the two.

A complete list of Dr. Ozcan’s published work can be accessed from the Publications tab at the top of this page. Currently, he (and his co-author) have several papers under review and work in progress with the following running titles:

“Interactive Agency and Platformization of Networked Interactions in an Interactive Business World: The IMP Tradition and a Co-Creation Paradigm of Experience-based Interactive Value Creation”

“Event-based Co-Creation of Lived Emergent Experiences: A Conceptual Framework and Implications”

“Making Lived Emergent Experiences Valuable: Interactional Flows and a Paradigm of Co-Creation”

“Innovating Offerings as Digitalized Interactive Platforms of Lived Emergent Experiences: Implications of a Co-Creation Paradigm of Experience-based Interactive Value Creation”

“Revisiting IS Roots in the Sciences of the Artificial in a New Age of Interactional Flows: Toward Event-based Co-Creation of Lived Emergent Experiences”

“Event-based Interactive Platformization, Interactional Creation of Lived Emergent Experiences, and Interactive Valuation – Institutional Organization Implications”