In his two decades of teaching in undergraduate, graduate, and executive education, Dr. Ozcan has offered courses in marketing management, marketing strategy, marketing research, customer relationship management (marketing analytics), international marketing, consumer behavior and marketing communications (advertising and sales promotions). Additionally, he has also taught courses in business statistics, management science, and introduction to business administration. More generally, Dr. Ozcan broadens traditional marketing subjects with interdisciplinary insights and implications derived from his research on value co-creation, which has immediate connections and applications across entrepreneurship, information science and technology, organization science, design, and strategic management. Here is a summary of past teaching engagements.

Marywood University (Scranton)

Principles of Marketing (BBA)
Marketing Research (BBA)
Consumer Behavior (BBA)
Marketing and Strategic Planning (MBA)
International Marketing (BBA)
International Marketing (MBA)

International University of Japan (Niigata)

Marketing Management (MBA)
Marketing Research (MBA)
Customer Relationship Management (MBA)
Marketing Strategy (MBA)
Marketing in Japan (MBA)

International Christian University (Tokyo)

Introduction to Business Administration (BBA)

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)

Marketing Management (BBA)
Marketing Strategy (BBA)

University of Michigan (Dearborn) 

Advertising and Sales Promotions (BBA)

Northeastern Illinois University (Chicago)

Management Science & Operations Research (BBA)

Robert Morris College (Chicago)

Business Statistics (BBA)

Miscellaneous Corporate Trainings

Mizuho Financial Group (Japan)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan)
Japan International Cooperation Agency (Japan)
NTT (Japan)
Development Bank of Japan
Mixed group of executives e.g., Accenture, Yamato Transport, Sky Perfect, DBJ, Daikin, Daiwa House, Terumo, etc. (Japan)
General Electric (Asia Pacific)